Amazon Fire vs Nook Tablet - Comparison Roundup


Now when the long anticipated tablets from Amazon and Barns & Noble – the Kinlde Fire and Nook Tablet – have hit the market, the first comparisons between the two direct competitors have started surfacing on the Web.


Besides different designs, the main difference between the two 7″ Android-based tablets is pricing – the Kindle Fire is priced at $200, while the Nook Tablet costs $250. Also, the slates have different content ecosystems, so they don’t have the same offers when it comes to ebooks, movies, music, and apps.


Here’s what ZDNet, Engadget, and Consumer Reports said in their video comparisons of the two tablets:

According to ZDNet, the Amazon Fire appears to be a better choice. The Nook Tablet has a better streamed video quality, but on Fire’s side there are a more robust multimedia ecosystem, better support for media playback when the device is offline, and a user-friendlier interface.

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Engadget notes that the Nook Tablet is a little bit faster. Both the Nook and the Kindle have 1GHz dual core processors, but the Nook has 1GB of RAM versus 512MB on the Fire. What’s tricky when it comes to 16GB of storage on the Nook Tablet versus 8GB on the Kindle Fire is the fact that on the B&N device you can use only 1GB out of 16 for storing your own files for off-line consumption, such as DVD rips, mp3, etc. Remaining 15GB is used by the OS and for storing content and apps downloaded via the B&N store. On the other side, Nook’s advantage is its built-in microSD card slot, which is missing on the Amazon’s slate.


Consumer Reports says the Nook is easier to read in bright light. Web browsing on the Amazon Fire actually slows down when the Silk browsing feature is on. To remind you, Silk is supposed to increase browsing speed. A nice feature on the B&N tablet is that it allows you to record your voice or children voice for reading kids’ books and this feature works pretty well.


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Posted SusWill November 22, 2011


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