Worth Looking: New USB Charger Powers 16 iPads At A Time


Most of you don’t need to charge 16 iPads or iDevices at once, but multi-charge solutions are imperative for businesses, hospitals, libraries, schools, and, well, LAN parties, of course.


Datamation Systems, the company behind the original iPad charging cabinet, has introduced the Power Pad 16, which provides power for 16 iPads or iDevices at once, without the need for bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks of the standard chargers.


This compact charging solution uses the iPad’s USB cord to plug into the sleek and portable base station. It’s definitely a more elegant solution than some of the other designs that we’ve seen multi-chargers use, such as the Griffin Multidock, which can only accommodate 10 iPads at once. Datamation’s larger storage cabinets are table-top charging solutions that can charge between 20 and 40 iPads, but like the Multidock, they are not easily transported.


The Power Pad 16 is light and small, and can easily be placed inside of a cabinet, cart, or carrying case. It can also be mounted on a table, a wall, or under a counter, offering many different multi-charging solutions.


According to Joe Mazza, Datamations Systems’ Vice President, the Power Pad 16 has been used in retail environments where it is necessary to charge many iPads and other Apple devices in the least possible space. The Power Pad has had a positive reception with retail outlets, and the design is also able to eliminate jumbled up wires and cables.

Although it’s designed for Apple products, it will also charge other USB-powered devices like smartphones and cameras.


The Power Pad 16 is currently available from major computer sellers or directly from Datamation Systems, for $699.90. For more information, visit the Datamation website.


[Source: www.padgadget.com ]


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