Worth Looking: Ectaco Jetbook Color e-Reader


The first ever eReader with full color e-ink Triton technology is now available at Shop e-Readers. The product is called Ectaco Jetbook Color.


Created mainly for educational purposes, the Ectaco Jetbook Color comes with Full speech recognition and fluent Text To Speech (TTS) to render it interactive. Users may give input on the 9.7-inch touch screen via the stylus that comes with the product, although a new one that relies on fingertip touch input is also in the works.


For units created for students, there is a main screen that doubles as an ID. This screen contains the student’s schedule of classes, which is updated via Wi-FI or 3G. Notes by the student and teacher as well as homework and classwork may also be found on this screen.


Students find in the device a special eReader software, which has a reading list, an interactive SAT preparation course, as well as resources for teachers and school officials.


With the stylus, users are able to add notes and highlight on any text that appears onscreen. Saving and the creation of summary pages are also possible. Each student unit communicates with a teacher’s unit which is able to prohibit the download of content or apps that are irrelevant for the class.


[Source: eeepc.net ]


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Posted RobertJ February 08, 2012


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