Samsung's New WB750 Takes You Further And Faster Than Ever Before


The Samsung WB750 is a relatively cheap compact camera that features a 12.5MP BSI CMOS sensor, ensuring that you’ll be able to shoot excellent stills or HD video even if you’re not the most photography savvy person around. The WB750 also lets you snap 10 megapixel photos whilst recording in full HD video, which isn’t a feature we’ve seen too much of in cameras nowadays. Let’s take a closer look…


The Samsung WB750 retails for around £150, which, for the impressive snapshots you can take and very good 1080p video, we believe to be an absolute bargain.

 Inside the box, you’ll receive a few items including a quick-start guide, wall adapter and microUSB to USB cable.

The Samsung WB750 arrives with a sleek black colour scheme, which looks absolutely brilliant. When combined with the bump texture of the hand grip on the right-hand side, the two contrasting sections work brilliantly together. The WB750’s design reminds me more of my DSLR camera, with the grip on one side, but without all of that hand cramping weight to it!

There’s quite a range of buttons and ports on the WB750. On the top you’ve got the shutter button, the dial for switching modes, the power button and also the built-in microphone. The front of the camera just features the lens and the flash. The Samsung logo is also featured on the grip.

If we turn the camera around you can see the 3.0-inch display that takes up two thirds of the camera. On the right of the display we have the record button to begin video recording, the menu button, playback button, as well as the standard flash, macro, timer and display buttons.

The bottom of the camera, like always, is where we have the tripod mounting hole and also the battery compartment for the battery and SD card.

The side compartment is where you’ll find the microUSB port and HDMI port, for hooking up to your PC and HDTV, respectively.


Testing and Performance

Setting up and using the Samsung WB750 was a very simple task, and even though the software isn’t extremely advanced, like the software seen on the Samsung MV800, the overall layout of the menus and options allow for anyone to be able to use the camera efficiently.

There’s a range of different options in the settings including the ability to change the photo size, quality, ISO, white balance, face detection and more.

As well as the still photo settings, you’ve also got the settings for the video recording. You can change the movie size (E.g. VGA > 480p > 720p > 1080p) and also the microphone settings.

You’ve also got settings for the volume and various sounds that are made when pressing certain buttons. These can be turned on or off. As well as this, you have the display settings for controlling brightness, date and time, power settings and also the grid lines.

The last panel is the settings panel for changing other features such as the language, auto power off, time zone and a few other options.

The Samsung WB750 allows you to also take very impressive 3D photos that can be viewed by hooking the camera up to a 3D HDTV. This features allows you to view your still shots and panoramic shots with amazing 3D depth.



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Posted RobertJ February 27, 2012


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