Do You Believe? Printer Paper Can Be Cleaned And Reused With Lasers


Cambridge scientists have managed to create a hand-held device that removes printer ink from old documents so that the sheet of paper can be used again.


According to what we’ve been told, the hand-held device features a laser that is able to simply remove old toner from pieces of paper, that have been printed on, to an almost-new and instantly re-usable piece of paper.


The Cambridge scientists worked on the device with the Bavarian Laser Centre and tested a total of 10 different laser setups to find the best working device.


Once the toner had been removed, each sample was analysed and studied to determine how much toner was remaining and how much of the paper was damaged.


Dr Julian Allwood, who is the head of the Low Carbon Materials Processing Group at the University of Cambridge, had this to say:


“What we need to do now is find someone to build a prototype. Thanks to hand-held scanners and laser-jet printers, the feasibility for reusing paper in the office is there.”

According to reports from the university, if we re-use paper instead of recycling it, we’d save an additional 20 per cent in emissions.


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Posted Henken March 16, 2012