Kobo Touch - Now With 1.9.17 Firmware Update


Kobo is preparing to release a firmware update for the Kobo Touch one of these days. The update is called Firmware 1.9.17. Alongside this update, Kobo will also release the Kobo Desktop Manager software version 2.1.7. The update signals the first one that Kobo will give in the past few months.


Among the new features and updates for the Firmware are enhanced page turn speeds with the recognition of taps for page-turning. Kobo has also added a function that enables the home screen to recall the user’s choice in the carousel.


Syncing is also enhanced, as well as rendering of menu items when users highlight words. Wi-Fi issues have also been resolved. On the new Facebook Timeline, users may not share their recent or current reads from the Kobo device. There are also improvements regarding issues, stability, and general performance.


Meanwhile, the Kobo Desktop Manager update gives a better syncing performance, improves syncing of notes from the e-reader to the Desktop Manager, integrates information when users hover over recommendations, corrects bugs in Search Results, and also fixes other bugs and performance problems.


The e-reader company has not specified the exact date when these updates will be rolled out.


[Source: eeepc.net]



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Posted SusWill March 19, 2012


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