Opinion: Xbox 720 Won’t Block Used Games Says GameStop


There are rumors that Microsoft’s next generation home console would block gamers from playing pre-owned games. According to the rumors, Microsoft would implement technology into the console so that it makes a one-to-one relationship between the console and a game disc.


But one man doesn’t believe that the software giant will place such technology in its upcoming gaming console. GameStop CEO Paul Raines said that it would be unlikely that the next generation Xbox would have such technology because it hasn’t been proven to work yet.


With the technology, a consumer who played a game then sold it to GameStop and someone bought the pre-owned game, the third person would not be able to play it since it was already registered to the first owner’s console. This would also mean that you can’t take the game to a friend’s house to play it, unless you bring the Xbox as well. Or if your original Xbox was broken and both a replacement, you can’t play your old games with the new console.


Raines is one of the people who doesn’t want such technology to work. His company, GameStop, is the number one video game retailer in the United States and it sells second hand games.


[Source: www.toptechreviews.net ]


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Posted Hefestt March 27, 2012


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