News: Gadmei’s Glasses-Free 3D Tablets Go Android 4.0


Couple of months ago, Gadmei has started offering an 8-inch 3D glasses-free tablet. Yet this mere slate only runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform at that time.


But recently, new models of Gadmei tablet family popped up at FCC last week. These versions are now being powered by the latest Android firmware, the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The two slates are named Gadmei T860 and Gadmei T883-D which are available for grabs at Brando for 222 US Dollars.


These both tablets seemed to be virtually identical. They have 8-inch panel displays on 1280 x 768-pixel resolution run by an ARM Cortex-A9 processor and Mali 400 graphics. Also they have 8 GB of enough memory storage used for storing videos and clips that can be previewed using the 3D technology without the use of any special glasses.


Added features include a 0.3MP front-facing cam and a 2MP rear camera, HDMI output and Wi-Fi connectivity as well.




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Posted SusWill April 03, 2012


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