Google To Challenge Apple iPad With Co-Branded Tablets


Google wants to sell tablets in the near future that would feature its logo. This is the latest buzz floating in the internet these past days. It has been reported that Google will be working with its Android partners to develop the new tablets and would sell it on its own online store.


Google hopes that this move would allow the company to compete against Apple in the tablet market. This could also mean that the company is unhappy with the performance of its Android licensees. Google went this route with the Android smartphone when it launched its Google Nexus One in 2010. It was highly praised but didn’t do well in the market. This was partly because US carriers didn’t subsidize the cost of the handset, which left consumers having to pay the full retail price for it.


Google stopped selling the Nexus One and didn’t release another Google-branded handset on the market. The online search giant said that there is wide range of Android smartphones on the market that consumers can choose from, which is why it didn’t see the need to put out another Google smartphone. At present, Android smartphones hold majority of the mobile market.


Being involved with the development process is a positive step for Google. The company can help improve the deficiencies of its partner manufacturers.


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