Nook Audio product page shows up on Barnes & Noble


The Digital Reader gave techy geniuses a hint that Barnes & Noble is doing an added NOOK that something related to audio.


All we have is a blank product page that contains the information NOOK Audio OE250. Nate, owner of The Digital Reader, also mentioned that B & N recently filed for a trademark on the term.


The term NOOK is used by B & N for its products such as the Ink eBook readers, the NOOK Color and the NOOK Tablet. The last product is the newest of them all, 7-inch in size and can be used if you love to read books, play some good music, watch movies or even play games.


If the so –called NOOK audio is for the NOOK Simple Touch eReader, then it would be another eReader having unusual audio features. Otherwise, the NOOK Audio could be some sort of eReader that could play audio books though.




Categories: Consumer Electronics


Posted Henken April 06, 2012


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