Meet The Galileo - App-Controlled iPhone Turret


A cool new iPhone stand has turned up called the Galileo. This robotic stand is on Kickstarter trying to raise the funds to come to the real world. The project was looking to raise $100,000 and Kickstarter and has so far raised $400,000.

Galileo is controlled by an app and has infinite sphere rotation capability to put the iPhone in almost any orientation. It can rotate at 200° per second. The stand is recommended for things like video calls, remote learning, cinematography, and more. Apple is also looking at wireless power according to a new patent application.


The patent application is called “Active Electronic Media Packaging” and is for a method that would allow power to be sent wirelessly to devices such as the iPhone on display in a retail setting. I don’t see why the same tech wouldn’t work a home either.


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Posted RobertJ April 09, 2012


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