Google Project Glass: New Way To See The World


Google unveiled its Project Glass, which is an augmented reality glass that can display chats, maps and a lot more. There are rumors that the glasses are already beyond the concept phase. Google employees who are familiar with the project confirmed that the glasses would be available to the public for $250 to $600 by the end of the year.


Google is not the first company to come out with the idea of augmented reality glasses but it it’s a company that has an unmatched consumer reach. The glasses were described to appeal to the masses. The Project Glass page shows people modeling the glasses that have a thin silver band across the forehead area and a small screen over their right eye.


The device looks like something out of the Terminator movies or DragonBall Z. A video that showcases the Google Project Glass shows a man using the device while eating breakfast and meeting a friend.


Google’s Babak Parviz, Steve Lee, and Sebastian Thrun wrote on the Google+ Page for the Project Glass stating that they shared the information on the project so that people would talk about it and provide input.


Google Project Glass might add another layer of digital distraction to the lives of people. But Google employees said that it would actually make tasks easier. Instead of reaching into the pocket to take a photo, the user could just press a button on the glasses.


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Posted Henken April 10, 2012


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