T-Mobile’s HTC One S May Launch On April 25th


Recent HTC phones have been pretty remarkable regarding the noise they make around themselves. The HTC One S is one of the handsets with the mentioned peculiarity. It’s the second most expected phone in the HTC One line (coming after the HTC One X).


The phone has had a round-the-world tour, becoming popular in Europe and should be offered to the Chinese users by a too-down-there price of $200. The time has finally come for the US market as well. The phone is T-mobile bound and will be available starting from April 25. The big event will take place on a Wednesday, so prepare your week for a slight move-upwards right before the weekend.


If you compare the One S and the One X, obviously the latter will satisfy your curiosity and expectations of super-cool phone. But you will pay more as well. Meanwhile, if you’re not one of those crazy fans looking forward to the HTC One X, then be prepared to adopt your own HTC One S and maybe even a new carrier.


[Source: www.htcphones.net ]


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Posted Henken April 12, 2012


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