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We know the next big thing from RIM will be Blackberry 10 OS and its Blackberry 10 devices but we have no idea what they will be like, all we know that these devices will rock so powerful processors ranging from 1GHz and up. With the lacking of imagery from RIM, designers and fans-alike has been using their imagination to develop their versions of the upcoming line of Blackberry 10 devices and the Blackberry TK Victory concept smartphone have really caught the eyes of the guys at RIM.


DigitalHomeBoy is the name of the designer that came up with the Blackberry 10 concept dubbed the Blackberry TK Victory that have many fans of the brand talking up a storm. As pictured above, the TK Victory is reminiscent of the Blackberry Bold 9900, except a lot thinner and features a slightly larger screen. I’m pretty sure if RIM takes this design to its production line, me amongst many blackberry fans will be getting one of these.


DigitalHomeBoy concept would features a touchscreen display protected by a Lotus Glass by Corning and a physical QWERTY keyboard, it would be powered by a NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 32GB of on-board storage.


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Posted RobertJ April 12, 2012


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