Beach Sounds Speaker Helps Protect Your Phone From Sand And Water


Summer is almost here and many of you will be heading to the beach or perhaps lounge by the pool. While on the beach you need tunes man and the Beach Sounds Speaker will provide just that. You might not like it because of its retro and toy-like design but the Beach Sounds Speaker comes with a housing which will provide a safe haven for your iPhone, iPhone, MP3 player or any smartphone for that matter.

The Beach Sounds Speaker was designed to be water resistant and it will also prevent sand from getting into your expensive device. The speaker box comes equipped with a few dials, one for the volume of the speaker, one for the bass and another than enables the user to tune into their favorite radio station while on the beach, or by the pool without the fear of sand or water getting into their electronics.


The Beach Sounds Speaker requires the use of four AA batteries for power and it is a cheap alternative to the other portable speaker systems available on the market plus it also serves as a protective housing for only $36. By the looks of the device, it doesn’t seem to be durable but to protect your smartphone from getting water splashes, 36 box is a good investment, get yours atPerpetual Kid.


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Posted iPhoneMan April 13, 2012