Wolverine-Style Self-Repairing Screen Protectors Showcased


Japanese corporation Toray announced recently the development of a protective film that is able to repair itself in up to 10 seconds.


This may be very good news for those who struggle with the constant scratches on conventional protectors or at mobile devices without protection.


The self-repairing protective filmhasa layer on the surface with properties that allow it to repair scratches in less than 10 seconds at room temperatures. If the film, however, is damaged beyond that layer there is no self repair possibility. The company has tested the durability of the protective film with 20,000 successive small damages and the results prove that the film is usable for a long period of heavy exploitation.


Toray plans to exhibit the protective film at the 3rd Highly-Functional Film Technology Expo in Tokyo. The mass production of the product will take part at the company’s Fukushima Plant at a later stage.


[Source: phonerpt.com ]


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