Announcement: Boeing To Launch Its Own Secure Android Smartphone


Aerospace giant Boeing is determined to set foot in mobile phone business. The company's Defense, Space and Security (BDS) unit is planning to introduce a new Android-powered secure phone by end of the year.


According to the vice president of the company's secure infrastructure group, Brian Palma, the development of “The Boeing Phone” is in the final stages and it will soon be released in the market. In an interview with press, Palma told that the competitors ask a price of $15,000 to $20,000 for a similar secure, encrypted devices. The company aims to penetrate the market by offering a lower price to the consumers.


He believes there is a considerable room in the defense and intelligence marketplace. Palma stated that Boeing chose to enter in this market following the changes in the technology usage attitudes of people, primarily. In the past, superior computers and technologies were meant for office work but in today's world consumer products have surpassed the office IT. In response to the situation, Boeing Co decided to introduce a secure phone which provides safe communication of information while allowing usability of consumers applications.


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