Xerox Mobile Scanner: Portable And Efficient Scanning Device


The Xerox Mobile Scanner may just be what many business travelers need — a portable device that can turn their printed documents to PDF or JPG files ready for sending out wirelessly to a PC, mobile device or the Web in a few seconds. In addition, it does not need a computer or electric connection to do the job.


Xerox claims that this $250 battery-powered sheet-feed scanner can deliver 300 scanned pages before it needs another recharge. Aside from the rechargeable battery, the scanner comes with a carrying case, a USB cable, and an AC adapter.


The Xerox Mobile Scanner may be the most efficient portable scanning device in the market. Weighing only 1.5lbs and measuring only 11.5 inches long, it can send scanned copies over Wi-Fi. Other similar devices connect via USB, thus requiring a computer to process the scans.


It does not need a pre-existing Wi-Fi network either. With an Eye-Fi SD Card bundled with the scanner, it can store images and function as a Wi-Fi adapter as well.


The Xerox Mobile Scanner can scan items from the size of ID cards to the size of standard letter paper. The device does not waste much time too, as scanning a single sheet takes only 10 seconds.


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Posted RobertJ April 20, 2012


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