The Knucklecase - Toughest iPhone Case Around


If you own an iPhone 4 or 4S then you will know that you definitely need a protective case for your device and if you need a firm grip on your device while out and about you might want to give the Knucklecase a try.

This new patented case for the iPhone 4/4s certainly looks dangerous and by chance walking with the Knucklecase could get you harassed by the police but the creator made the case solely for securing your smartphone.

The Knucklecase looks identical to a brass knuckle which is popularly known for packing deadly punches in a fight and that’s the reason why the people behind the case saw it appropriate to leave a disclaimer which can’t help but reiterate to buyers getting this cool case.


This product is to be used only as a handle and protective accessory for an iPhone. Any other use of the product is considered a misuse, resulting in the forfeiture of any express or implied warranty of fitness for purpose. By purchasing this product, you agree to hold the Company harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties.

The Knucklecase is available right now for sale on the manufacturer’s website for the price of $99 but if that’s just too much for you, then you can also use the promo code “promo4″ to get 30% off the markup price.


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