Ford Developing Way To Make Car Parts From Cash


Ford is looking to put a new twist on the term "old money." The automaker may add old, shredded, out-of-circulation U.S paper currency to its list of recyclable materials that may be used for cushions, insulation and other components.

With about 10,000 pounds of paper money being shredded per day, Ford is exploring adding it to a list of recyclable or reclaimed materials that includes soybeans, denim and plastic bottles.

Ford has cut its petroleum use by about 5 million pounds a year by using soy-based material for foam that is installed in seat cushions and head restraints. And each 
Ford Fusion is built with the denim-equivalent of about two pairs of blue jeans that's used for sound-dampening purposes.

Ford started looking into using recycled materials about ten years ago as a way to cut use of petroleum in components that usually require plastic. At that time, oil cost about one-seventh of what it costs now.

In January, the company said it would use 
recycled plastic bottles from the North American Auto Show in Detroit and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to create part of the polyester fiber used in theFord Focus Electric's seats.


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Posted AlanD April 25, 2012


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