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Is the 4GB drive on your slim Xbox 360 S model driving you mad? Donandsharp39;t worry. The 320GB hard drive included in the Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3 and assorted other bundles will go on sale by itself later this month.


Posted: October 13, 2011 | By: Henken


With Nintendo having a wide color palette for the many versions of the DS, itandsharp39;s only natural to continue that tradition with the systemandsharp39;s successor, the 3DS. The company recently announced that it will be releasing a 3DS with a new Ice White color variant.


Posted: October 07, 2011 | By: Henken


Following up on their first pass at tuning the Porsche Cayenne, LUMMA Design is taking another go at this luxury SUV with a more aggressive approach aimed at differentiating their offering from the rest of the aftermarket fray. The new unit is called White Pepper.


Posted: June 16, 2011 | By: Nicky


A Japanese company specializing in creating computer games and game consoles unveiled its new glasses-free 3D DS game console that does not require users to wear glasses. One may use the Nintendo’s portable game device to playback music and video contents as well.


Posted: January 21, 2011 | By: RobertJ


Did you know that almost 60% of younger cell phone users are playing games? People are taking photos, accessing the internet, exchanging the information and listening to music on their cell phones. So, no doubt that a clear majority own cell phones today.


Posted: July 09, 2010 | By: AlanD  


The new Xbox motion detector will revolutionise the gaming world soon. Kinect for Xbox 360 was officially represented to the general public at this month's E3 show in California. The system tracks human movement without the need for a controller.


Posted: June 25, 2010 | By: bear


The author shares impressions from the new Lost Planet 2 for PS 3, discovering the promise of the sequel being twice as fun as the original game, covering the game plot, specific game-play features and new co-op modes available in the Lost Planet 2 game.


Posted: May 18, 2010 | By: AlanD  


The author has tried newly-released Split Second for PS3 and hurries to share the first impressions with all of you, addressing general playing experience, some special features discovered and specifics of the game-play in the multiplayer mode.


Posted: April 29, 2010 | By: WallbE


Having played all the previous Splinter Cell series, the author of the article shares the opinion about Splinter Cell: Conviction series for Xbox 360, in the terms of its plot, gameplay features and different modes available.


Posted: April 26, 2010 | By: AlanD  


The author of the article shares personal Supreme Commander 2 for Xbox 360 experience; addresses the differences between the original Supreme Commander game and the sequel and shares some advice with the novice, who may want to try themselves in real-strategies with the Supreme Commander 2 game.


Posted: April 21, 2010 | By: bear