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Wii Console Deals


Wii console - best price is guaranteed by Pikaba!

Welcome to the website where every price is a best price that you will be able to find. But first of all, let’s start from the top. Nintendo Wii is a perfect console for everyone who doesn’t think of themselves as a “hardcore” gamer and who just wants to have some fun with their console. Wii is especially made for people who like to play their video games with other people, for example with their family or with their buddies. It is just so damn cool. So, now you have decided that you are looking for Wii console best price, and trust us, you are at the right place for buying one.



Amazing deals that can really surprise you!

This website is specially designed for people who are looking for the best and the finest deals that you can ever hope to find on the internet. Or anywhere else, for that matter. You might want to check out one of the groups, or maybe even start one of your own in order to get group discounts on buying Wii console. This is an excellent way to get much better deals and find popular Wii games for sale an addition. Also, if you think that you know how to bargain and if you think that you have it in you; you can try to negotiate down the price for Wii console even if you wish to get one on your own.


Unlimited advantages of Wii that you should know

Your Wii is not just another gaming console that you will play with for a couple of weeks and then discard. It is one of those gaming experiences that really bring something new to the way you spend your free time. All of this is made possible with the help of your friends who can join you for any game you might enjoy playing. Or, if you wish, you can get some cool accessories for your console, like another nunchuk controller, or the lightsaber remote, or even a balance board that will let you play with your entire body. And, of course, you can enjoy your breath taking video games better using dual trigger light guns and intense vibration game controllers. Don’t worry; you will be able to find any of these, right here.


Find the price that can fit your budget!

Now that you have decided on buying Wii game console, which wasn’t really a struggle, was it, now you can go searching for the best price that will not be too much of a hit on your budget and that will allow you to play on the hottest new gaming console in years. We all know that Nintendo is the master of video gaming consoles, but they have really outdone themselves with the Wii. So, find the deal that is right up your alley, get a Nintendo Wii for affordable price and start playing!


Latest Products


From now you can expand your shooting experience by using the Wii Detachable Light Gun. Designed for Wii light gun games and compatible with the most popular games such as Ghost Squad, Medal of Honor and much more. Just insert your Remote and Nunchuk Controller into the Wii Detachable Light Gun and load up any light gun shooting game to become as close to the real shooting as possible! Enjoy hours of fun without any hands tiring with Wii Detachable Light Gun.

New great experience for sword-fighting games lovers! DreamGEAR presents their new exclusive Dual Glow Sabers – your mostly-needed device to battle your way through variety of slashing games. Get the maximum realism and choose your side of the Force by picking a color: are you a Sith Lord bent on controlling the universe or a generous Jedi, protecting it. You will find 2 Wii remote cradles, 1 Red LED Glow Saber and 1 Blue LED Glow Saber in each Dual Glow Sabers Pack.