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Xbox 360 Deals


Find your best Xbox 360 deals

Thinking about buying a Microsoft Xbox game console? is a perfect online marketplace when you can get cheap Xbox 360, find and buy great games or pick up cool accessories to give your game console en edge. Hundreds of sellers have Microsoft Xbox consoles for sale with flexible prices, and dozens of deals. With Pikaba you relax while finding Xbox 360 and the extra equipment you need: just fill out the request form and get ready to buy.


Xbox 360 game console: Elite or no?

Want to get all possible features from your console? Search for “Elite System” and get a first-class Xbox with all features on-board: a hard drive to save your games and TV shows, headsets for voice messages, and a network cable to establish your own game network. Just plug in the Microsoft Xbox 360 with the wireless controller, and start playing. Pikaba sellers have the any of Xbox modifications you want to buy with the deals you won’t believe.


Best prices from Pikaba sellers

So, you decided to buy an Xbox game console and selected the best version for you. If you have money to spend and don’t need to save on your purchase, then don’t waste your time reading this column. Just enter the model you need and click the “create request” button and choose between the console variants we suggest for you. And if you want to save some money, do the same! Then wait for quotes and get the best prices from our sellers with individual or group discounts. And if you have a low budget to buy Xbox online, put a mark in your request to buy a cheap used console and get a couple of inexpensive games tossed in as a bonus. Post a request to get started now. You simply won’t believe in the Xbox deals!


Buy games and keep looking for something new

 Already have a Microsoft Xbox console? Get more with the best accessories and cheap games from Pikaba sellers. Keep a sharp eye on the latest generation accessories and games to expand your console into an amazing wireless gaming and communication station. Whether you are looking for the latest video games news or consider challenging shooting games for competitive multiplayer PSP games Pikaba members give their latest widgets and the best game reviews to keep you informed about hottest deals and fresh Xbox 360 prices.


Latest Products


For real sci-fi fans Airtight Games developed new action-adventure game with a blend of aerial and on-foot combat set in a parallel world. Player, who takes the roll of Will, a plane pilot, survived in a plane crash in Bermuda triangle, is dropped to the Void – mysterious world with full list of adrenaline-fueled adventures. The “bad boys” here is a mysterious alien race that plans to attack Earth, so you have to help resistance group, called The Survivors, to save your home world.

New epic game from THQ will give you everything you want from action/adventure story: awesome fighting, good puzzle solving episodes, with a cool set of weapons and tools to let you explore the game world in a various ways. You won’t find something new here: all Darksiders features were done before in other games, but all this borrowed elements designed in a such shipshape manner that it feels like you’ve never played games like this before.