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Gamer for a long time. Like to play games and write new game's reviews. Have all top game consoles and a PC at home. Video Games is a part of my life. If you need any advice or instructions please contact me.

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Ford has been turning to recycled materials to replace a variety of its parts as a way of avoiding having to rely so heavily on petroleum to build its vehicles. So far, Ford uses denim, soybeans and plastic bottles in its vehicles, and retired currency may soon be joining the list of materials.


Posted: AlanD April 25, 2012


A £1million limited edition Ferrari is to be auctioned in what is thought to be the most expensive police sale in history, it was revealed today.


Posted: AlanD April 24, 2012


Nissan will mark the Sentra nameplate's 30th anniversary in the States with the presentation of an all-new model that will be unveiled later this summer with sales to start across the country in the fall.


Posted: AlanD April 23, 2012


Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division will significantly raise its presence in China as it was today confirmed that two Infiniti models will be manufactured locally in China from 2014.


Posted: AlanD April 20, 2012


Often in this part of the world, the last thing we’d ever imagine is a Mercedes-Benz minivan. But truth be told, Mercedes manufactures a wide array of vehicles, from commercial light- and heavy-duty vans and trucks, to the traditional luxury vehicles that most of us are familiar with.


Posted: AlanD April 19, 2012


The Chinese carmaker BYD will introduce its second generation of hybrid car at the Beijing Motor Show in late April. The sedan Qin will replace the F3DM which only sold to 80 units


Posted: AlanD April 18, 2012


Sergio Marchionne, general manager of Fiat (IW 1000/81) and Chrysler, on April 16, opened an auto plant in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac to produce a new Fiat 500L model, Serbian state TV reported. Plant will employ 24,000 to turn out 300,000 cars annually


Posted: AlanD April 17, 2012


Engine tweaks, new wheels & suspension, and an aerodynamics package have transformed the T5 MPV.


Posted: AlanD April 13, 2012


The last time our scoop photographers nabbed the 2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, it was undergoing winter tests in northern Europe, with the company’s engineers having cloaked parts of the car in light camouflage.


Posted: AlanD April 12, 2012


Mercedes has officially revealed the facelifted G Class through hi-res photos and details that describe the comprehensive range of measures applied in order to ensure that this vehicle remains 'in a class of its own in the off-road sector'.


Posted: AlanD April 11, 2012


After the best first quarter in the brand’s history, Audi today maintained its 2010 momentum with record April sales in the U.S.. For the month, sales of Audi cars and SUVs increased 32.9% compared to April 2009.


Posted: AlanD April 10, 2012


With the latest Mustang comes a new project from Ford Racing, showcasing the company’s new parts.


Posted: AlanD April 09, 2012


After dropping Maybach, Mercedes-Benz my now have the excess to invest more in its S-Class lineup, which could mean a convertible S-Class in the next year or two.


Posted: AlanD April 06, 2012


It's not just the mainstream pickup trucks that are selling well so far this year. Even specialty vehicles like Ford's F-150 SVT Raptor are feeling the love.


Posted: AlanD April 05, 2012


Mini is hard at work on the newest interpretation of the Cooper S John Cooper Works GP we recently spotted testing. S


Posted: AlanD April 04, 2012


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