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I'm from Bellevue, Washington. love my life and the things I do. Enjoy basketball and keen on rap music.. Enjoy playing video games when having free time =)

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Earlier this week, Honda kicked off production on the new 2013 Acura ILX. The first ILX, built exclusively in Indiana, rolled off the assembly line at 10:30 a.m. EST


Posted: Russell86 April 26, 2012


Another day, another Dragon Edition arrives at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show


Posted: Russell86 April 25, 2012


In Chinese, jinlong yufeng translates into “Golden Dragon in the Wind.” While that may seem to be an odd name for an Audiconcept, it plays on 2012 being the Chinese year of the dragon. Coincidentally, 2012 is also the year that Audi will launch its Q3 crossover in the Chinese market.


Posted: Russell86 April 24, 2012


Peugeot unveils Juke-rivalling Urban Crossover Concept at the Beijing Motor Show


Posted: Russell86 April 23, 2012


Acura has issued an apology for the casting process used to search for an African-American actor who was “not too dark” for a Super Bowl commercial featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld


Posted: Russell86 April 20, 2012


Porsche is the latest international automaker that retries its business out of Iran, as a response to two U.S.-based advocacy groups.


Posted: Russell86 April 19, 2012


One of the biggest cars to come from Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti, has to be the G sedan, coupe and convertible. When first introduced as the G35 in the early 2000s, it was then that Infiniti truly focused its aim at BMW, specifically the 3-Series.


Posted: Russell86 April 18, 2012


Another quarter mile record has fallen. The old Mercedes Benz 1/4 mile record of 9.76 @ 140 mph was recently set by RENNtech with a modified and lightened McLaren SLR


Posted: Russell86 April 17, 2012


First displayed back in 1979, the updated AR-1 is back packing a real punch and is ready to join the growing list of American-born exotics.


Posted: Russell86 April 13, 2012


The rebounding auto industry contributed about $134.5 billion to state and federal tax revenues in 2010 from taxes and fees, a study by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor released today shows.


Posted: Russell86 April 12, 2012


Wondering how the Tesla Model S will drive in cold snowy weather? Pretty well. The company has just dropped a video showing the Model S tackling snowy terrain and seems to hold up pretty well.


Posted: Russell86 April 11, 2012


Porsche has just revealed its latest money-making machine, a high-performance GTS trim of its best-selling Cayenne SUV


Posted: Russell86 April 10, 2012


Yes, this is a Ferrari California that has rear-ended a stretch limo, also sending this into the back of a second stretch limo, which was parked in front of it, generation one extremely rare and financially painful situation.


Posted: Russell86 April 09, 2012


At the New York Auto Show the veteran celebrates 50 years of car production.


Posted: Russell86 April 06, 2012


PSA Peugeot Citroen and Ford Motor will halt cooperation on larger diesel engines. The two automakers jointly develop and manufacture the bulk of their diesel engines under a 12-year-old agreement


Posted: Russell86 April 06, 2012