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XBOX 360 Repair

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hi my name is Simon and i do Custom modding and repair, really anything you can think of for your xbox 360, i do it. I've been doing this for a little over a year now. I have fixed many many xbox 360s and have numorus happy clients (including Play and Trade and Game Tag). If you have any questions or you're just unsure give me a call. I've done many mods (console and controller.) I STAND BEHIND MY WORK! Please give me a call ask me any questions you may have. and just like always i dont charge to take a look at it.


- Disc Tray Error

- Update Errors

- Fan Errors (including 12v mods)

- Overheating Issues

- Red Light on Power Brick

- Rapid Fire

- Custom LED'S (Case and Controller)

also offering game resurfacing

- $1.50 a game

Anything you Need I can Do it! also repairing ps3's, touch screens, and pc's older consoles such as the ps1, ps2, xbox, sega, nintendo, snes, game cube, gameboy, etc are all only $20 for repair included in your repair is a promise that if the problem ever comes back i will fix it for free, and if you have any other issues in the future not related to the original problem, bring it back to me for a repair of only $25

i look forward to hearing from you


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